Thursday, February 3, 2011


We went to Winter fest again this year. We had so much fun. I love getting to be together all day on a Saturday. Trevin was way excited about all the snowmobiles. Cheyenne on the other hand couldn't get enough of the horses. Home depot put on a fun workshop for the kids. The had birdhouse kits and hamers and screwdrivers to put them together. Trevin always loves working with dad so this was a dream come true. The two of them worked really hard.
Trevin was so proud of his bird house!
Next up was Cheyenne, she usually gets stuck with mom when the boys are working, so she was excited to work with dad and even stayed interested the whole time, she loved using the hammer, I think dad's thumb only got hit once.
Look at my little handy girl!

When Gage and the kids got home (I went straight to work.) They decided to write their names on their birdhouses so the didn't get mixed up. Chey was first, dad wrote her name then let her draw a little. Then dad wrote Trevin's name and let trein have the marker. Trevin asked dad what the letters were and this was the outcome.
I was so impressed when Gage showed me. I think it is great for his very first time, with no practice or guidance on how to write the letters. The "R" isn't quite attached and the "V" is upside down. (The angled line at the end Gage said was an accident when Trevin moved the pen away.) But GREAT for a barely 3 year old!!!

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joni said...

That is really good! I totally expect that from your genius children though! :)