Thursday, February 3, 2011


A past weekend the circus was in town. The kids and I had seen a poster while we were out shopping and they were both supper excited (about the clowns mostly). I thought it would be fun, so I got online to see how much tickets cost. I about died and immediately decided we wouldn't be attending the circus until the kids were older. A few days before the circus came I found a coupon in the paper for a much better ticket price. That morning at breakfast I started telling the kids about the circus and asked if they wanted to go. The obvious answer... YES! We talked about the circus everyday with everybody! Friday finally came and Trevin woke up asking about the circus. I told him we have to eat breakfast, play, then eat lunch and take a nap, then go shopping, get dad, and then we can go to the circus! Trevin responded with "Really!" and cheyenne yelled "Yay, a circus!" It was like that all day listing off what happens before the circus. When we finally made it to the end of the day we pulled into the shop and Trevin and Cheyenne couldn't wait to get their dad. When we got to the circus they had so much fun watching the camel, elephant and pony rides.
The show started and the kids were super excited. We had lots of acts to watch. the tight rope walkers were fun, The fell and caught themselves a couple of times, so when they went two high I was nervous. Cheyenne's favorite was when the little mermaid music started (Chey loves to sing like mermaid) and 5 mermaids came out and swung on ropes. Chey was in heaven. There was a man that stacked chairs and then did a hand stand on them. and you can't have a circus without a plate spinner and clowns.
The elephants were my favorite. Then ran around the arena while spinning circles, stood on platforms on their hind legs, fell asleep to a lullabye, and one even stood on its HEAD! The tigers were fun too. A couple were uncooperative, Trevin was excited when they lit the ring on fire. Sugar had been telling them all week someone was gunna jump through fire and they did.
Trevin's favorite was probably the motorcycles. They had one drive out and get into the ball and drive around. Trevin was so excited to see this. Then two more joined in. Then a total of four were in the ball and then they drove around inside. Trevin loved every minute.
Gage liked the big wheel that men run inside, then outside, then jump rope and run on the outside, then run on it blindfolded! I was pretty impressed too. And we can't forget the jugglers who always are impressive!
The circus was great. It was fun to see the kids so excited, Chey loved getting to go down during intermission and watch the elephant up close. Trevin couldn't stop talking about it all the way home. I'm so glad we got to go!


Alex said...

oh my!!! i have never been to the circus! looks like you guys had so much fun!!!!


joni said...

That looks like a blast! We have yet to go to a circus! I can totally imagine your kids' reaction to it all. I bet they loved it!

Mandy Sue said...

How fun! I want to go to the circus! Also, I have to comment on your last two posts; I think it is funny you went to Winterfest because we were there that Saturday too, taking our preggo pictures. And the other thing, Derrick knew someone on his mission who's last name is Crabtree and who's family owns an autoshop in let me know if any of your hubby's brothers went to Taiwan and knew Derrick!!