Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just like Dad

Trevin loves his dad and always wants to be with him. A few months ago Gage called and said he had to make a run to Salt Lake. He asked if Trevin wanted to go, of coarse the answer was YES! Trevin watched out the window patiently for Gage to come home. He was more than a little excited to see dad come home in a big truck and even more excited when he got to ride in it too.
Gage said he talked non stop the whole trip. What a fun day for both of my boys.

Trevin still wants to do everything like his dad. We had an interesting "quiet time" last week. I was down stairs cleaning, when I heard, Thud... then laughing... then thud, etc. My kids had obviously come out of their rooms and were anything but quiet, so I went to investigate. As I walked up the stairs I heard Trevin say, "Climb Cheyenne, like a rock climber!" I found them climbing in and out of my bathtub. after the toys they had just thrown in. I had a good laugh then took them back to their beds, only to hear them laughing again a few minutes later, this time accompanied by a "bzzz" sound that come and went. This is what I found. Trevin shaving his whiskers and Cheyenne's.
I love that these two have so much fun together!

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Kenzie said...

What a fun day for them!! I Tyler and Trace will be doing stuff like that together once Trace is older.

I love how cute your kids are! It's so fun how much fun they have together!