Friday, December 17, 2010


After we met Santa for the first time last year, Trevin talked about him all the time, one day when we were at the store Trevin saw the Santa hats and got way excited. We ended up buying one and he loved to wear it around. The next day Trevin insisted on wearing a red shirt with his Santa hat. Next he pulled out a bag of his blocks and went to Cheyenne and asked "What you meed for Christmas, a green block or a blue block?" Next was my turn. We read 'The Night Before Christmas' a lot at our house and Trevin noticed a few other accessories that Santa had like gloves and a black belt. He asked for his belt one morning so I helped him put it in through all of his belt loops, after I finished he wasn't very happy. He told me,"It goes here over a shirt." Before long Trevin had his outfit down. And the outfit had to have everything, a long sleeve red shirt, red mittens, the black belt that goes over his shirt, his hat, and don't forget the bag of toys! It was so funny, he would tell everyone that he was Santa and ask what they wanted for Christmas. By the time Christmas came around he even made people sit on his lap.
Trevin was sure he was the real deal, he would tell you about his "reindeers" that could fly and how he was gunna go through the chimneys. In fact on day we were driving to SLC and Trevin started talking in the back seat. He was saying "I going to that one and that one and that one and all of those roofs." I asked him what he was saying and he told me "I'm Santa and I'm going to all of those roofs to take them presents!" I think one day he'll be a great Santa!

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