Thursday, December 30, 2010

Trevin is 3

We have a monthly birthday party at my Mom's house each month. This month Lindsay convinced us to have it at Chuck E Cheese's. It was so much fun, we celebrated Rai Rai and Trevin's birthday and all the kids had a blast! We got 80 tokens for all the kids to split and they lasted forever! The kids had fun, but I think the adults had more fun, especially Gage and Kyle.WE played for a while then we ate pizza and got to meet Chuck E Cheese, then we played some more. Trevin loved the driving and shooting games and he won lots of tickets with some help from dad.
We finally rounded up all the kids for cake and presents! I got to make the cake and had lots of fun. I let the kids pick what kind of cake they want, Raigen asked for an Ariel mermaid cake and Trevin asked for a Buzz lightyear cake. I was stumped on how to please both of them for a while, but this is what I came up with...
They both loved it! and it tasted yummy too!

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