Friday, December 3, 2010


It was my birthday and I got spoiled. Trevin and Cheyenne let me sleep in until 9am this morning and I truly loved every single minute! We stopped by the shop to see Dad in the middle of the day and ate lunch, which is always fun. That night we ate pizza (which I loved 'cause there aren't any dishes!) and Gage and Trevin made me a cake. I don't think that I've had my very own cake for a long time... I always get one at the family birthday parties, but it was cool that Gage made one at our house. It was the first cake he has ever made by himself and it was even a double layer cake. IMPRESSIVE! We had to get pictures in fast cause Trevin was blowing out the candles. Here is the fake blow, that wasn't so fake.
Then the smiling picture that doesn't have candle lit because Trevin is really good a blowing them out. For my birthday I got rock climbing gear!!! YAHOO! I love it and have used it a couple of times and can't wait to use it again in the spring. Gage also go me a webcam so I can "skype" all of my family that lives out of state, I just need to get Kami hooked up then life would be great! I also got my own "10 key Printing Calculator" don't laugh, I really need the practice using it! It was a great day!
My mom took me out to lunch the next day, Red Robin and it was delicious! She also completed my set of "The Work and The Glory" I read them in Jr. High and really liked them, so she started buying them for me, but we decided to buy them all 2nd hand and see how little we could spend on the full set. She has been awesome and I've gotten one for Christmas or my birthday every year. Vol 9 has been elusive on the 2nd hand market, but leave it to her to find it! Thanks!
The Crabtrees got me a cuttlebug (scrapbooking embossing/diecut machine) but were unable to find one, so I got an "IOU", to my shock Sherry showed up the next day to deliver it. I think she tracked down the last one in Utah! I can't wait to use it.

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