Tuesday, December 7, 2010


We love to watch it snow at our house! The kids are so amazed and I love the excitement on their faces. This fall we got our snow bags ready (a backpack with each kids snow clothes so we can grab them on the go if we need to and know that everything is there). Trevin has been waiting since then to use his "packpack." So now that it has snowed we've played outside a few times, but with the powder it is impossible to build anything! But not today. We got bundled up and went out to finally build a snowman.
We had so much fun making snowballs and rolling them until they were "huge" according to Cheyenne. I was surprised that Chey wanted to help, she didn't like touching the snow before.
The balls ended up so big that Mom couldn't pick up the middle one to build the snowman, oops. But they had fun climbing on them instead. Next we built a fort, to hid in and throw snowballs from. Trevin immediately started plotting an attack on dad, for when he got home and of course mom supported it!Cheyenne thought the fort was awesome and liked to try to make and throw snowballs. She would sit down and then jump up and say "boo" and just laugh! I was way cute. I love to see here imagination come out!
Here's Trevin trying to hit me with a snow ball, most of the time he throws it and the snow ball falls out of his glove behind him, so funny, but I run away and scream and he thinks it's fun. Casie stopped by for lunch Casie stopped by for lunch and Trevin was so excited to see her, well maybe just to see her truck and he wanted to climb on it and take a picture... Boys will be boys!
With a second set of hands we finally got to build our snowman. The kids were super excited and Chey kept yelling "A noman! A noman" Trevin told us is it was "Super tall" and "Awesome!" We
We had so much fun and can't wait til it snows again!
Hiding in the fort.


Alex said...

ahhh so fun!!! :)

Kenzie said...

That looks so fun. I really need to get out and play in the snow with Brooklyn.