Friday, November 19, 2010

She was tired.

Monday I spent the morning cleaning for a class I was having at my house that evening. The kids had been playing hard in the basement, when I finally got everything clean it was time for lunch. I don't know how everyone else's kids are but when mine eat they make a huge mess. So I opted to buy lunchables at the store and let them eat in the car (Does that make me an awful parent?) We made it to the store, bought everything we needed and got back in the car. I opened their lunchables and let them eat while I made a couple of stops on the way home. This is what I found when I opened the truck door to get Cheyenne out.She must have been too tired to finish eating!

1 comment:

joni said...

Aw Cute! Our kids would NEVER fall asleep while eating. Those are the only two things we have trouble with!
Cute picture. And if letting your kids eat lunchables in the car makes you a bad Mom, then I'm a terrible Mother!!!