Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Tuesday Utah had it's first official "Blizzard Warning" since 2001. Stores closed early, College campuses cancelled classes. Warnings all over the radio and tv. Gage said I could go out that morning as long as I was home by 4pm. I was super excited, I had no where I had to be and made plans to stay home and make cinnamon rolls. I got this great idea to take a couple of pictures to document the occasion.
5:07PM Bright and Sunny still...
5:30... It started, I was planning on taking all of these from the front porch but since I was in the kitchen you get to see out the back window.
5:49... Starting to stick.
6:25 ...It was pretty windy.
7:21... This might get exciting.
8:01 Gage got home and decided to shovel the drive way so it wouldn't take so long in the morning.
Trevin got in his snow clothes and went out to help.
By 8:30 the snow stopped and we didn't get any more, so our blizzard produced about 1.5 -2 inches of snow! Either way it was fun and the cinnamon rolls were yummy! I put my recipe on the side of my blog if your interested.

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joni said...

Gotta love Utah weather!! I'm still shocked that you guys got snow before we did. The cinnamon rolls look yummy! And the heads on my turkeys are whoppers!