Monday, November 1, 2010


About 1 month before Halloween we started thinking about costumes, I thought it would be a lot of fun for Trevin to be Frankenstein, so I found a picture of a costume and showed him. He told me no. So, I asked him what he wanted to be. He told me a minja Tuwtle, a blue one. So that's what he was Leonardo the blue ninja turtle, with swords!Next up Cheyenne's costume I found a super cute little pirate or I thought about a fairy, but Trevin had other plans he was looking at the costumes with me and said "No... Cheyenne be's a purple one!" I immediately thought it would be fun and I knew Cheyenne wouldn't care either way. She was Donatello, the purple turtle with a stick.
I think that Cheyenne was more into the role than Trevin, he wasn't too crazy about the mask, but Cheyenne loved hers! She loved to be serious and Swing her stick and crouch down and pretend to fight. Trevin loved his sword and shell and always made sure we didn't forget his belt and letter.
To make the set complete I decided that Gage and I would join in the fun and dress up as turtles too. Gage requested to be Raphael, the red turtle with Sai (little hand swords). That left Michelangelo, the orange turtle with nunchux, for me.
Once Dad dressed up Trevin liked his costume a lot more and even wanted to wear the mask. The three of my turtle buddies loved to wrestle and fight with their weapons.
Trick or treating was a blast. Trevin figured out that you can only go to the houses with lights on and was hard to keep from running to house to house! Cheyenne figured out that if you say trick or treat when they open the door, you'll get candy. She was very possessive of her bucket, once it had candy in it, she wouldn't even let us hang it on the stroller... it HAD to be in her hands. They had so much fun and once again I think passing out candy at house was almost as fun as trick or treating... It's just to bad that we don't get very many trick or treater's on our street.
This year we didn't have any inside Halloween parties to go to, we had fun showing off our costumes and grandparent's houses, but I missed the carnival type party. Maybe next year we'll throw one ourselves! Stay posted if we do you're all invited!

Hero's in a half shell...TURTLE POWER!!!


David and Camillia said...

How cute! I love the costumes!

Juanita said...

Those are soo cute! You guys are adorable, I mean cool (Do TMNT mind being called cute?) :)

Kenzie said...

Cutest costumes ever!! I love that your little girl is so into it!