Friday, June 18, 2010


So my little sister Janae is competing in the RAGNAR this weekend. To show my support, since I wouldn't train with her, I willingly fixed her hair. To make it easy to manage on this long weekend and so she didn't have to worry about her hair flipping her in the face while she ran, she chose CORNROWS. She texted me Thursday morning on my way home from work and needed them done by Thursday night. That didn't give me very long to figure out how to do them. After a few pics online and a youtube video. I think I figured it out.
Janae was very patient with me.... and we ended up going back and undoing the first ones once I got the hang of it. If any white chick could really pull off cornrows it would be Janae. Check her out!
Good luck this weekend! We're cheering for you!

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joni said...

Wow! You're awesome for figuring that out! Looks good! I think totally think that should be the standard hairdo for women during the summer. It'd be SO nice!