Thursday, June 10, 2010


We are loving the warm weather at our house. The kids love the chance to play outside and I love the chance to work in the yard! Last week right after getting home from a bike ride we decided to weed the flower beds. I got to work while Trevin and Cheyenne played on the swing set. After a few minute Trevin wanted to come help me, I helped him get his working gloves on and he started picking weeds. Then he noticed I was using a small gardening shovel, so he wanted one too. I sent him to the garage to go get one and this is what he found that was way cooler than a shovel! Dad's hard hat. He wore this around for most of the afternoon and even tried to convince Chey to try it on. I was so entertained by Trevin's new love for the hard hat that I didn't notice what Cheyenne had found to keep herself busy.... Go look at the first picture again. She found my flowers! This geranium didn't hold up to well against her. I guess I should just be thrilled that she didn't completely out of the ground.
Cheyenne was in trouble for just a minute. Then I figured she already pulled them off, I might as well let her play with the flowers. She loved getting to pull off all the petals. Trevin even brought one over to me a few minutes later and said "Flowers for you, smell it!"
YEAH... They're cute even when they're naughty!

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