Thursday, July 8, 2010

" I just fixin it Mom."

I have a lot to post about our awesome Bear Lake trip, but I don't have the time today so I thought I'd just give you a peek at how our trip started. Thursday night we all jumped in the truck to run a few errands. To our surprise we turned the key and nothing happened. Dad got out of the truck and opened the hood to start fixing it. Trevin, Chey and I left to run our errands while Dad worked on the truck. This is what was going on Friday morning. (We were planning on leaving Friday evening.)My husband is amazing and had the truck fixed and back home before lunch! I spent the rest of Friday packing and cleaning. I had to run out and get a few last minute items from the store. I strapped Chey into her car seat and told Trevin to climb into the truck. Meanwhile I was grabbing my purse and sippys from in the house. I came back to the garage and didn't see Trevin right away. I called him and his voice was surprisingly close!
I looked down to see this. When I asked him what he was doing he said, "I just fixin it Mom." What a quick learner and such a BOY!
Thanks to Gage's and Trevin's hard work the truck ran great!

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