Monday, June 7, 2010


You can be excited for summer when the top comes off the jeep. That's usually the case but this year Gage decided to take the hard top off in MARCH... yeah that's a cold ride! The soft top went on shortly after and has been going up and down ever since. But I think that it's finally warm enough to stay down! Next step to indicate full on SUMMER, the doors will come off! Even with the crazy weather we have had we still found a weekend to take the kids out "JEEPING" for the first time. Gage has had a few spots he has wanted to try out and right after a few rainy days was the perfect time to go. The ride up was a little colder than we expected but once we got on the trail, it warmed up. The kids still wore their jackets just to save them from getting completely drenched and covered in mud. We found this fun hill, that when Gage looked at it he said... "I wanna try that!" At first I really thought he was kidding, I should have known better! Up we went until the tires started slipping then it was time to kick it into reverse and come down.
If your wondering which is worse... definitely coming down, I was a little nervous, heights aren't my favorite... but the kids loved it! Especially when the tree branches flipped past their seats.

We all survived coming down and were excited to do some more exploring... We drove for a while, Trevin made sure to tell us every time we went over a big bump (which was often). Cheyenne just smiled most of the time and said "Wow!" a lot.
We found our next obstacle, there were two dirt bikers at the bottom that just looked at us like we were crazy for even heading toward this climb. Gage like usual had full confidence in his Jeep and his driving abilities. UP we went. I forgot to take a picture of this trail at the bottom, but this is the look of it coming back down.
We made it to the top and got out to enjoy the view, and give our behinds a break from all the bumps. We even switched the seats around so Trevin got a better view heading back down the hill.

Back home, the kids liked cleaning the jeep almost as much as making it dirty!
Trevin was all hands on, scrubbing off the mud and using the hose.
Cheyenne mostly played in the water and steered clear of Trevin's aim with the hose.
There are a lot of great things about a jeep, but this next picture is one of the most convenient in my opinion.
Cleaning out the INSIDE of your car with a HOSE! Yep I definitely wish I could clean out the inside of my car like that. Thanks for bringing us all hose safe Gage.

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