Thursday, April 8, 2010


I have a double baby shower to go to this weekend, two girls that I work with. It just so happens that one is having a girl and the other a boy! I just finished making the gifts. I am so excited that they turned out cute. I always worry when it is something I haven't done before and when it is for someone other than family. Anyway I always forget to take pictures before I give things away, but not this time!
Although some of you may think I am creative, you have it wrong. I am just really good at stealing (copying) other peoples ideas. Here are a few examples.....
When I had Cheyenne my Sister in law, Chersti, made me this super cute wipie container. I absolutely love it! I thought it was so fun and cute, not near as drab as carrying around a zip lock bag of wipies! So the next time I had a baby shower to go to I thought..."I'm gunna make them one of those super cute wipie holders!" Here are the two that I made today.

See exactly the same as Chersti's! Thank her for her creative genius if you have one of these from me!

The next item I made today, hooded towels. These are awesome. Trevin got one when he was born and now that he is a little bigger he loves to wear it! His is made out of a brown and tan striped towel. When Cheyenne was born my Sister in Law, Joni, made her a hooded towel it is super cute and definitely girly.

I love all the patch work. I've wanted to try making these since Joni gave us this one! So this morning I pulled out Cheyenne's towel as my pattern and made a couple for the upcoming baby shower. Wow I really was creative with this one, HUH! Notice that the even though they are different colors and materials, the pattern is exactly the same as Joni's. I even tried to do the patch different on the second one I made, then went back to Joni's template when mine turned out retarded. So if you see one of these as a gift from me, thank Joni for all the "inspiration."

I had to add these in... I was trying to figure out a good way to take a picture to show off these towels, so I had Trevin come model for me... can you guess which towel he liked the most?

OK so the captions may have helped. But he seriously wanted nothing to do with the "Princess" towel that I made. He is all BOY!

Like I said before, I am really excited about the way these turned out! But I'll let you decide for yourselves. The final products together! I love when you can make something girly that isn't completely pink and purple. I just hope "mom" isn't opposed to green!I have had a really hard time in the past trying to find "BOY" material, everything ends up looking a little on the girly side. I was so excited to hind these dark materials and then the ribbon that just screams BOY.

So the next time you see me and I have made something that you think is pretty creative, ask me who's idea I stole! And feel free to steal it for yourself!


Alex said...

great job! you are creative!! :) these are cute!!! I might use this as inspiration to make something for my future nephew! or maybe ryan's graduation gift?... haha.

Juanita said...

Those are soo cute! Way to go!

Jennica said...

SooooooOOOooooo Creative, love them.