Friday, April 2, 2010


Last Saturday I went out and bought Cheyenne's Easter Dress. I was so excited I found a gorgeous blue frilly dress. (Last year she was too little for most of the frilly dresses.) I then went out to find Trevin a tie that matched... not as easy as I thought it should be. I found an adult size tie that matched, so I bought it and tore it apart and then put it back together as a child's size. Trevin loved that when Sunday morning came Daddy had to tie his tie too!
I can't believe the things little kids come up with. Trevin says new things everyday and I have no idea where he picks them up. Sunday morning I got Cheyenne up and got her ready and then woke Trevin up to eat breakfast. He walked down the stairs and saw Cheyenne sitting in the kitchen. He got this confused look on his face and looked at me and asked "Cheyenne, a Princess?" I just laughed and told him "Yes, Cheyenne is a princess." How in the world does he know what a princess is? Since that morning there are no girls and boys at our house just Princesses and Boys! He tells me all the time, "Trevin's a boy, Dad's a boy, Cheyenne's a princess and Mom's a Princess." I love it.
We are so excited for the Easter weekend. I love when General Conference falls on Easter day. The talks always seem to be even more focused on Christ and the Resurrection (if that is really possible), who better to hear from on Easter Sunday than the living Prophet?
I look forward to relaxing with my husband, while he recuperates from surgery. Maybe it will stop snowing so we can enjoy the great outdoors! One can hope, right?

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