Thursday, July 16, 2009


Many of you may know that Trevin loves animals. Gage reads Trevin books before bedtime and most of them involve animals. Trevin loves the animal book because he knows what ALL of the animals say, that is all but a dog and a cat. So for the last couple of months we have been meaning to go to the ZOO but you know how busy life gets... We finally made it last Saturday and we had a blast. The weather was perfect, overcast, but hardly any rain and the animals were all pretty active.I had to work that night so we got up early and we were at the front Gate by about 9:30.
First stop was the monkey's which Trevin didn't seem to excited about then he finally saw one of them and was thrilled! He was so cute... he said Oh Oh and scratched his pits just like we taught him. I tried so hard to get all of his expressions on video, but non of them really worked out so you'll just have to settle for my pics. Next up was the Madagascar exhibit. By now Trevin had caught on to looking for the animals, but he still acted so surprised when he saw them. We saw beetles and turtles and all sorts of fun stuff in here. This is my family, posing for another picture, they are such good sports- and cute too!The next stop was the one that I was excited for.... THE ELEPHANTS! This is the sound that I taught Trevin and he does it so well, I couldn't wait for his to see how big they are. I know he doesn't look that excited in the picture but he really was.We sat down for the elephant show- they usually show off the elephant feet and trunks and stuff. But this time they had a big tree hung from the middle of "stage" and just let the elephants tear it apart. I could believe how good of a grip they got with their trunks.

Trevin enjoyed watching the penguins waddle around and did a pretty good imitation of them, the bears were fun and the wart hogs (he is still working on the pig noise), but his favorite of the day was definitely the Giraffes!

If you don't know what a giraffe says then you had better ask Trevin the next time you see him! Because he definitely has this one down. I think he would have stayed in the smelly giraffe building all day if we had let him. Our next stop on the tour was the tiger. He walked around and even Roared for us, which I thought was cool.

We watched the Gorilla for a while and Gage tried to teach Trevin that gorillas bang on their chests, but we are gunna have to work on that one!Cheyenne was happy the entire time. She loves being outside, especially if she is in the stroller going for a walk.We ate lunch on one of the grassy areas in the park, PB&Js, granola bars, and chips... YUM! While we were eating we decided to stay for the Bird Show, we debated cause Trevin and Cheyenne were both getting tired. In the end it was a great decision. Trevin loved it, especially when the birds swooped right over his head. I thought it would scare him, but he cheered, clapped and yelled "YES" even if no one else was cheering.

Cheyenne didn't seem to care much for the birds and decided to take a nap instead of watching.Trevin loved the birds so much that Gage gave him a dollar at the end to have the bird take from his hand and put in the donation box, I didn't get a picture of his face but he was way excited when the bird took it and he jabbered about it after.The final event of the day was a picture of my boys with the bald eagle! What a great day at the zoo!Just in case you're wondering a giraffe sticks out his tongue and smacks his lips!

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