Friday, June 5, 2009


The age old question which is better... Clearfield High or Northridge High? Two Rival schools and I got the chance to celebrate with both this year.
Janae graduated on Thursday from Clearfield in the top 10% of her class. I got to attend the ceremony along with Cheyenne who was a little angel. She sat on Cassidy's lap quietly, not even the blow horns upset her. After the ceremony we all went to Boston's Pizza to celebrate! Delicious! (some guy even gave us a killer coupon so it was super cheap! - a special thanks to him) We topped off our stomachs with free ice cream from Jason's Deli. Congrats Janae... We love you!

Gerin graduated on Friday from Northridge with Honors. Gage joined us this time along with Trevin. Let me tell you two kids is quite the handful. Cheyenne was almost as good as yesterday. Trevin was excited when they started reading off names and we let him yell as much as he wanted. He was very good at cheering for ALL of the graduates. Gerin chose PF Chang's for Lunch...YUM. Congrats Gerin...We love you too!

Congrats to everyone that graduated this year!

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