Sunday, June 7, 2009


Saturday morning we got up early so we could get our chores done and then spend the rest of the day at the Air Show. I don't think I've ever actually been up on base for the show. So I was pretty excited to go. I'm sure Gage would have loved to go with someone that actually knew something about planes, but that isn't me. He would ask "Is that a ... ?" I couldn't answer a single question. Here are some of our pictures, I will try to tell you what they are but I may be very wrong (Gage can tell you if you really want to know). (left) ? - (top rigth)Apache Helicopter, and my family - (bottom right) the plane they flew in Top Gun, I think. (top left) the massive cargo plane that showed off its ability to stop on a short runway - (top right) the Thunderbirds" which is always way cool. I learned that there is only 3 ft between their wings when they perform. - (bottom right) Gage and Trevin sitting on the hood to watch the Thunderbirds -(bottom left) some stunt plane doing a loop. The next three are Gage teaching Trevin all about the fighter jets. Trevin loved walking under the planes. I loved how cute he looked with his ear plugs.

We have a couple of guys in our neighborhood that fly helicopters, so they fly over our house a lot. Lately we have been we have been trying to teach Trevin where the noise comes from. He can hear them but never thinks to look up. In the last week he has actually done really good, we'll be playing in the back yard and he will look up as soon as he hears the helicopter and start to point when he finally spots it. We had alot of fun with Trevin at the air show. We'd point out the plane and by the time he looked it was in a completely different spot, but once he found it he would get pretty excited.

I can't wait till we get to go again. Happy Air Force week!

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