Monday, May 25, 2009

Family HIKE

Happy Memorial Day! We had a great weekend. I had to work Friday night so we stayed in town for the holiday. I got home Saturday morning to find the Gage in bed with Trevin, Cheyenne of coarse was sandwiched in between. Pretty cute!
Gage spent Saturday morning doing yard work and preping his Jeep for the summer. The top came off and it got a good cleaning. Trevin was by his side the entire time, which means I got some good sleep! Cheyenne woke me up around 10:30. I got up and turned on the computer to see what the weather was supposed to be like for the weekend, and just for the fun of it browsed through KSL's "free" section. To my surprise I found a piano! We spent the rest of the afternoon finding guys to help move it. So it's not in the best shape but hopefully we'll be able to fix it up without too much effort and $$. I'm excited about it, it's old and has a lot of character.
Sunday we went to church (Gage in his topless jeep got a little wet for his morning meeting.) That afternoon we went to visit the grave sites of Gage's grandpas. We came home and hung out for a while, then tried to put Trevin to bed. Trevin had plans of his own...

"This is way cooler than bed!" We ended up making cookie dough, Trevin loved the spoon.

Monday morning we got the kids up early and headed out for a Family hike. Gage and I attempted to hike Adam's canyon when I was 2 or 3 months pregnant with Trevin. I was exhausted after about 1/4th of the way in, so we turned around and came home. Ever since then I've been determined to make it to the top. So that's the hike we picked.
We borrowed a backpack for Gage to carry Trevin in and I carried Cheyenne in our little carrier. It took us a while but we made it! It was a lot of work to carry the two up but it was definitely worth it. We had so much fun, Trevin loved the river and waterfalls. Cheyenne slept through most of it. Here are a few pics from our little adventure...
Mom and Cheyenne on the way up.
One of the few time Cheyenne was actually awake. Dad and Trevin, letting Mom take a break. Trevin would bounce and say "ride"every time we stopped.
The rickety old bridge.
Our reward...the waterfall at the very top! YAHOO!


Jenny said...

At least the bridge was crossable for you, your family looks so cute, I still need to come over and see your newest angel

David and Camillia said...

Your family is so cute! It looks like you had a good time hiking. Thanks for calling yesterday it was good to hear from you. :)