Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day and SOD

Happy Father's day to all the Dad's out there. Especially to Gage. We now have two beautiful children and I can't imagine life without "Dad"! Gage goes to work all day at the shop then comes home to work for me. I feel like he is always doing things for me the fixing the vacuum, putting oil in the car, hanging the pictures that I hung (but ended up crocked), weeding the garden, moving dead mice, unclogging sinks, fixing the computer, going on Sippy cup hunts, listening to my endless stories, and even helps with dishes and occasionally laundry. After all the work is done he finally gets to play with the kids, which is more like giving me a break from the kids. He is my HERO, I love him, and hope that he finds some free time for himself to relax. HAPPY DAD'S DAY.

Our other big news (drum roll) we finally have a back yard! YAHOO. Sod came on Saturday morning, and thanks to many hands it was all laid by noon. Originally we were going to seed the back but changed our minds, we like the "Insta-lawn" and I don't think I could have kept Trevin off the dirt. I didn't have my camera the morning we laid it and I was so disappointed to not have pictures. I complained about it all night. Then I got to church the next morning and my wonderful neighbor handed me a stack of pictures... I couldn't believe it... So I'm working on getting those scanned on (Gage will pry have to do it for me!) Thanks again to all those that spent their Saturday helping us, I couldn't ask for better family or neighbors!


Angie and J.D. said...

Hey McKenna!!

Your kids are so cute! And that little Cheyenne - she is just the most precious thing ever! It's been awhile since I've seen ya - are you going to come camping this year?

Kenna said...

We are gunna try but we'll just come up for the day. I can't wait to see everyone's kids!