Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gardening and growing

The weather is finally nice and you know what that means ... YARD WORK! Normally that wouldn't be an exciting thing, but when you haven't had a yard to work on for a few years it is. The grass we put in last year turned out great and now I even have flower beds! We live on a slope so we built them up a lot, which meant bringing in a bunch of dirt. Trevin loved it 'cause he got to ride on the wheel barrow a lot. Next step was plants, which I knew very little about. Gage put me in charge of picking out what we plant. So after talking to almost every one, surfing the net, and going to the nursery a couple times. I finally made up my mind and hopefully we have bushes that will actually grow where we planted them. It looks so pretty, even if the bushes are just tiny still.

For mother's day I even got a tree that is now planted in the front yard. It has been warm enough that Cheyenne can lay on the porch, she loves being outside. Trevin has loved "playing in the dirt" with mom and dad, especially last night. Gage tilled our garden area and Trevin was more than happy to help plant the vegetables. (more like tromp around on the ones we just planted, but he was trying to help) So here is the proof... we started a garden.

In the back ground of the top garden picture you will see our neighbors have a cage for their chickens and rabbit! So with out a fence we did what we could to protect our garden and planted Jalapeno and Habenero peppers along the back. I guess we'll just have to wait and see...If it doesn't make, at least we tried. If it does make it, then I am gunna have some killer Salsa this year!

Cheyenne is now 2 months old and growing! Gage took her to her doctor's appointment yesterday. She weighed 12 lbs. 11 oz. and got a clean bill of health! She is such a good baby. She loves to smile and has Gage wrapped around her finger. I had to be the tough one a couple weeks ago and tell Gage she couldn't sleep in our bed any more. This week I stepped up again, she is now sleeping in her room with Trevin. She has even started sleeping all night! She is changing so fast and I'm lovin' every minute of it!

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