Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Last week Cass and I decided we were gunna hang out all day and decided to ask Lindsay if Brin could tag along. So after spending most of the morning shopping around for a "big boy" carseat for Trevin, we were ready to have some fun.

First we all got new socks and then, off to the bowling ally to brush up on our skills! Brinlee was so cute... she loved that she got special shoes to bowl. The lady at the counter got Brinlee her own ball (6 lbs). It looked pretty heavy but she managed to pick it up by herself and make it to the lane, where she would push the ball as hard as she could, and after about a minute and a half it would hit the pins! She would jump and cheer.
Brinlee made sure we all knew when it was our turn... "Brinlee two turns, then cass two turns, and kenna two turns" She made sure she got us up for our turns if we weren't paying attention.
Cassidy turned out to be a pro, a strike and a couple spares, she came out with a pretty good score.
I managed to walk away with out any gutter balls! ..... Thanks to Brinlee's bumpers!
So if any one needs a bowling lesson you can ask Brinlee to give you some pointers...

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