Monday, August 18, 2008


This past weekend Gage, Trevin and I got to host an overnight Bear Lake trip. We had a blast and I hope that everyone else did too. We wakeboarded, tubed, sunbathed and splashed in the water alot. Here are a few pics, you'll have to visit everyone else's blogs to see more!

Joni is a pro at wakeboarding!

Brinlee loved the boat!

One of the few times Gage was on the beach and not the boat! Thanks for being the "Boat Guy"!

Treving thought the dirt tasted better than his bottle!

Nate, Joni, and Kennedi hanging out on the boat. I'm pretty sure Kennedi didn't like her life jacket. ;) but I thought she looked cute!

Gage taught me how to drive the boat and then he was in the water for his turn wakeboarding. I was so nervous. I had the hardest time keeping the boat at a steady pace ( I never actually mastered that skill). I thought I was gunna run Gage over every time I went to get the rope back to him. But it all worked out, Gage and the boat stayed in one piece and I was more than ready to give the wheel back to Gage!

It was a quick trip, but packed full of fun...Everyone came back in one piece... It is always fun to get together and vacation with family, but I have to admit I can't wait until the next time until when I'm not in charge!

Thanks to the Crabtrees for letting us use the trailors! You're the best!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you've had loads of fun this summer!! I can't believe how much that little boy grows each time I see him. We should get him and my nephew Ben together for a play date! Hope your doing well and I miss you! I will be gone for the next 15 weeks student teaching :P so hopefully I will stay in touch a bit. If not keep posting ok? HUGS