Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fun hair do's

We finally bought a curling iron to use in Chey's hair. I was so excited the first time we used it and her hair curled so cute and easy too, it even stayed in most of the day. For Valentines day we did a heart pony tail in the center. I wanted to the connecting ponytails to look like a heart too, but that didn't work out. But we like the hear in the middle so we kept it. Cheyenne is so patient lately, so we decided to braid all of her hair. 2 mickey mouse club houses and 20 braids later this is what she looked like. I love doing this, once it is all braided we spray it to get it all wet, then once it dries....
... we take out all of the braids and have this fun fluffy hair!

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Alex said...

so stinkin cute!!!