Thursday, March 17, 2011


We love St. Patrick's Day. We usually pass out leprechaun surprises, this year the kids helped make finger print rainbows the we put in our flowers that were planted in leprechaun hats. We also made little bags of lucky charms that had a note that said, "I'm so lucky to have you." Making treats is one of the ways we make sure to check in on everyone to make sure they are wearing thier GREEN! Trevin caught on really quick this year. He even got to pinch dad. We came down to the kitchen and Trevin noticed green foot prints on our walls. We told him that it must have been a leprechaun! We helped him follow the footprints from the back door, onto the wall, over the stairs and out the front door. He was very interested and then he asked "but how'd they get them footprints on stickers?" We should have known that that was coming! Don't worry he was quickly distracted by green pancakes. During breakfast he informed us the foot prints were from a Leprechaun cat and he was convinced he had heard it meow that morning. What an imagination that kids has.
We even got to have a St. Patrick's Day party! The Canova's all came over to celebrate Cheyenne's birthday. She was very excited to have 2 parties.

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