Tuesday, January 11, 2011


With family Christmas parties falling on Trevin's real Birthday we had the fun treat of Dad coming home in the middle of the day to celebrate. Trevin loves to see Gage in the middle of the day, or go see Gage at work, so this was lots of fun and made Trevin really excited.
Trevin was so excited to see all the present on the table when he woke up. I think it almost killed him to wait until lunch time to open them. He is at such a fun age. He was super excited about everything he got... even the socks and toothpicks (he like to eat hot dogs and pizza with a toothpick).
Trevin loves hats, in the morning he'll tell me "I wanna wear my hat like Dad." Gage has a black Nike hat, so when I found the kids version, I knew we had to get it for Trevin. He loves and wears it almost every day. He grew out of his bike this fall (Chey grew into it and she loves it!) So a new bike was needed and Trevin already flies down the driveway on it, even in the snow. The hit of the day was Trevin's car road! Trevin has probably 100 or so cars and we now have a real town for him to drive on. We've borrowed a couple here and there, but now he has his own. It has everything, His very own, Crabtree Auto with Yard and wrecked cars (Gage probably had a little to much fun crushing matchbox cars for this). Trevin loves to use his forklift to move around the wrecked cars. This map has an airport and run way for his planes, a Train station and tracks for his trains, and on off road area for the many jeeps and monster trucks he has collected.
After we finished playing we met up with Nate and Joni and kid (visiting for the Holidays) at the mall. We were there a couple of weeks ago and saw the mini express, Trevin is into trains just as much as he is his cars and so we sat and watched it for a few minutes. Gage and I decided to let him ride it on his birthday. Trevin picked the back car, and we walked behind the train as it made it's way through the mall, all the kids loved it!
Some fun facts...
-Trevin favorite color is GREEN!
-He loves: Thomas the Train, books, Cars, going to the shop to see dad, hide and go seek, pottying on the toilet and he still loves CHOCOLATE MILK!
-He is very matter of fact about everything and very particular. He always puts his comb away on top of the rag he uses to wash the toothpaste off his face, if I put them away wrong he lets me know.
-He is very creative, lately we have had jumping frogs at our house.
-Trevin has an amazing memory, he is great at memory and loves to help Cheyenne find the matches. He loves to repeat lines from movies. "You've got to be pulling on my leg." (Despicable Me)
-He has an opinion about the clothes he wears. If it isn't a solid color shirt or plaid then you must convince him it is a team shirt or else he won't wear it. (with the exception of the Toy Story 3 shirt he got for his Birthday.)
-Trevin is very helpful. He keeps Cheyenne in line, empties garbages and today I found him at the kitchen sink (soaked) hand washing all of our breakfast dishes.
We love him so much and can't wait to see what else he comes up with this next year!

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David and Camillia said...

Your kids are so cute! I cant believe how fast they all grow up. It looks like the holidays were fun for you.