Saturday, June 27, 2009


Trevin, Cheyenne and I were supposed to go to St. George this weekend...but for the past week Trevin has been waking up at about 4 am and demanding to go "Ouside" we try to show him it's dark but nothing works and we spend about 45 min trying to get him to stop crying and go back to sleep. I didn't want to put my grandparents through that so we'll try again later this summer. Since we were going to be gone Gage planned a fishing trip with friends. So now the kids and I have the house to ourselves for the weekend and decided to take advantage of it... Last night we threw a party, but not just any party a
With 6 girl cousins we weren't short on princesses. Everyone got a crown, two rings, a necklace and a sash and they wore them proudly.

What a fun night... we ate cupcakes in ice cream cones and a lot of fruit snacks. When we finally started the movie the girls made it about 15 minutes before they weren't interested anymore, but the adults liked it. Trevin looked really out of place, but Kyle stuck around and that helped. Here is my little princess!

By the end of the night all the princess were pretty tired but I hope they all enjoyed the movie Premier!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day and SOD

Happy Father's day to all the Dad's out there. Especially to Gage. We now have two beautiful children and I can't imagine life without "Dad"! Gage goes to work all day at the shop then comes home to work for me. I feel like he is always doing things for me the fixing the vacuum, putting oil in the car, hanging the pictures that I hung (but ended up crocked), weeding the garden, moving dead mice, unclogging sinks, fixing the computer, going on Sippy cup hunts, listening to my endless stories, and even helps with dishes and occasionally laundry. After all the work is done he finally gets to play with the kids, which is more like giving me a break from the kids. He is my HERO, I love him, and hope that he finds some free time for himself to relax. HAPPY DAD'S DAY.

Our other big news (drum roll) we finally have a back yard! YAHOO. Sod came on Saturday morning, and thanks to many hands it was all laid by noon. Originally we were going to seed the back but changed our minds, we like the "Insta-lawn" and I don't think I could have kept Trevin off the dirt. I didn't have my camera the morning we laid it and I was so disappointed to not have pictures. I complained about it all night. Then I got to church the next morning and my wonderful neighbor handed me a stack of pictures... I couldn't believe it... So I'm working on getting those scanned on (Gage will pry have to do it for me!) Thanks again to all those that spent their Saturday helping us, I couldn't ask for better family or neighbors!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Time Flies

Today is Cheyenne's 3 month birthday. I can't believe it, with Trevin to keep me busy, it has gone by so fast. Just a little update. Cheyenne loves to smile and just started to laugh in the last week, not just a giggle but a full laugh. It is way cute. Some days I think she is pretty close to rolling over but hopefully that will take a while still. She is perfectly content to lay by herself on the couch/bed as long as she can hear Trevin playing nearby. She has managed to maintain her rolls and double chin, she weighs around 13 lbs. She rarely refuses her bottle, and is drinking 5-6 ounces at a time. She goes to bed around 11 o'clock pm and wakes up between 6-8 am to eat. We are all loving the normal sleep schedule. I love to get her dressed every morning and picking out head bands and bows. Gage swears it's the headbands that have caused the bald spot on the back of her head, but we all know better. She is a great baby, we love her and we can't imagine life without her.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Christmas in JUNE

This year Gage's mom's side of the family decided to do their Christmas party in June. That way all the kids could play outside. So today was the day and it Rained! We still had a lot of fun. Great food and desserts and plenty of entertainment. The little kids put on a parade. All the bikes and strollers were decorated. Gage always jokes that pushing around our double stroller is like driving a semi-truck, so that is what he got.

Trevin was asleep when we made it this morning, so the first time he saw it was at the party. "Ride, Ride" was all he said and he was so excited when we finally let him get in.
Cheyenne really didn't care either way, but I thought she looked pretty cute.

Gage was a sport and provided the horsepower for the parade. We also played mini golf. Each of the cousins were in charge of making a hole out of stuff they had around the house. We have quite the creative group all the holes were very different and we all had a blast.

Happy Holidays!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Cheyenne and "the peanut"

Lindsay had her 4th girl on Tuesday, Taylor. She is adorable and so tiny. Cheyenne looks huge next to her. Congrats to the Hamblin Family.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Saturday morning we got up early so we could get our chores done and then spend the rest of the day at the Air Show. I don't think I've ever actually been up on base for the show. So I was pretty excited to go. I'm sure Gage would have loved to go with someone that actually knew something about planes, but that isn't me. He would ask "Is that a ... ?" I couldn't answer a single question. Here are some of our pictures, I will try to tell you what they are but I may be very wrong (Gage can tell you if you really want to know). (left) ? - (top rigth)Apache Helicopter, and my family - (bottom right) the plane they flew in Top Gun, I think. (top left) the massive cargo plane that showed off its ability to stop on a short runway - (top right) the Thunderbirds" which is always way cool. I learned that there is only 3 ft between their wings when they perform. - (bottom right) Gage and Trevin sitting on the hood to watch the Thunderbirds -(bottom left) some stunt plane doing a loop. The next three are Gage teaching Trevin all about the fighter jets. Trevin loved walking under the planes. I loved how cute he looked with his ear plugs.

We have a couple of guys in our neighborhood that fly helicopters, so they fly over our house a lot. Lately we have been we have been trying to teach Trevin where the noise comes from. He can hear them but never thinks to look up. In the last week he has actually done really good, we'll be playing in the back yard and he will look up as soon as he hears the helicopter and start to point when he finally spots it. We had alot of fun with Trevin at the air show. We'd point out the plane and by the time he looked it was in a completely different spot, but once he found it he would get pretty excited.

I can't wait till we get to go again. Happy Air Force week!

Friday, June 5, 2009


The age old question which is better... Clearfield High or Northridge High? Two Rival schools and I got the chance to celebrate with both this year.
Janae graduated on Thursday from Clearfield in the top 10% of her class. I got to attend the ceremony along with Cheyenne who was a little angel. She sat on Cassidy's lap quietly, not even the blow horns upset her. After the ceremony we all went to Boston's Pizza to celebrate! Delicious! (some guy even gave us a killer coupon so it was super cheap! - a special thanks to him) We topped off our stomachs with free ice cream from Jason's Deli. Congrats Janae... We love you!

Gerin graduated on Friday from Northridge with Honors. Gage joined us this time along with Trevin. Let me tell you two kids is quite the handful. Cheyenne was almost as good as yesterday. Trevin was excited when they started reading off names and we let him yell as much as he wanted. He was very good at cheering for ALL of the graduates. Gerin chose PF Chang's for Lunch...YUM. Congrats Gerin...We love you too!

Congrats to everyone that graduated this year!