Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I guess it has really been "days"... Saturday afternoon Trevin had his first experience with throwing up. He didn't understand what had happened but he definitely didn't enjoy it. We had just pulled into the driveway at papa's house to celebrate his birthday! Gage and I were sure it was a fluke thing... so we cleaned up and went inside, until Trevin did it again... We packed up and headed home. Saturday evening and night were long, but we were home free by Sunday afternoon. Or so I thought. We sent Gage to work Monday morning and everything went great until after lunch. Trevin spent the rest of the day throwing up EVERYWHERE! After scrubbing yet another spot in the carpet I called my mom hoping for some trick to keeping a one year old to stay in one place. She basically told me good luck, no chance. Needless to say Me and Cheyenne were very excited to have Dad come home and have that extra set of hands!

Trevin hanging out on the couch with dad. He still cute even when he's sick. On a good note- Trevin hasn't thrown up once today... hopefully we'll have another good day tomorrow!

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Jenny said...

Oh my goodness, poor lil guy. Hope he didn't catch anything major, and at least his mummy knows how to take care of sick kids :D