Wednesday, March 18, 2009

3 become 4

The Crabtree's are officially a family of FOUR. Cheyenne is here and healthy... Trevin loves her, but is still adjusting... Gage has been such a good dad. He keeps Trevin entertained and happy, while still managing to help me out with Cheyenne. Hopefully, I can manage to keep both of my children happy after Gage goes back to work. Cheyenne's stats...
weight: 8 lbs. 3 oz.
length: 20.5 inches
lots of dark brown, straight hair.Trevin and Cheyenne.

Cheyennes's first bath at home! She did okay at first then quickly decided she didn't like it. Trevin couldn't figure out why she was crying. It was all pretty cute!


David and Camillia said...

She is so beautiful! Congratulations! I am so happy for you all. You look so happy!

Jenny said...

I think she has the same amount of hair as Trevin it looks like, lol :D She is gorgeous, and just let me know when you feel comfortable of having visitors come see your new baby and me and Ty will come over :D

joni said...

In those pictures she looks like Trevin! ha ha oh well. Check out our blog - I gave you a special award!