Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Little Man

In an attempt to get ready for our new baby we started to transition Trevin out of the crib. In reality this started a few months ago and Trevin initiated it by deciding that he wouldn't sleep in the crib. He would fall asleep with one of us holding him and we would then put him in the crib, only to have him wake up at 2-3am and refuse to go back to sleep unless he was laying in our bed. So Gage got this great idea that we would put our blow up mattress in Trevin's room and when Trevin woke up we could lay down on the mattress in his room, and Trevin wouldn't be in our bed anymore. I thought it was crazy... but it worked! There were more than a few nights that one of us ended up sleeping on the blow up mattress ALL night but after a week or two we could basically pick Trevin up out of the crib and lay him back down on the mattress and he went right back to sleep. Trevin loved waking up in the morning and not being stuck in the crib, he'd get up and wander into our room to see where we were.
So, I took the liberty of taking his crib mattress out of the crib and putting it on the floor in the corner of his room. Just to see if he would sleep all night knowing he wasn't trapped in the crib.

I didn't dare take the crib all the way down yet and the blow up mattress was definitely still in the room. Trevin did really well and I finally had Gage take apart the crib at the start of December. A couple weeks ago we decided it was time to make the final switch to a big boy bed. Trevin loves it. He will even fall asleep in it! YEAH! No more rocking him to sleep. One of us has to be sitting on the edge of the bed, but I can deal with that.
Trevin has become quite the character. His personality has developed so much in the past month. He is Little Mister Independent around our house (even though he still acts clingy when we aren't at home). He is so curious and gets into every thing. I still can't quite figure out how he managed this one. I have a few ideas... I was cleaning and Trevin never came down to find me so I went looking and found him. I couldn't resist taking pictures.
Drawers are his favorite. He loves to empty them usually onto the floor, but lately has gotten creative. He takes the stuff from the bathroom drawers and puts it in our closet. So finding the toothpaste on the closet floor isn't a surprise. He has even moved our shoes to the bathroom drawers.
This is the Diaper genie, Trevin thought it was the perfect storage spot!
Trevin loves to help out. I thought he had figured out that he wasn't allowed in the dishwasher but I was so wrong, I left the room for about 30 seconds and this is what I found when I came back.
Trevin helping Dad do computer work. He tries so hard to see what is going on, he's just a little short still.

He loves to sit on the counter when you get ready, the sink used to keep him out of the stuff you were using but not anymore. He climbs right in without a problem. He just can't get out by himself.He loves to help with laundry, usually unfolding everything that I just folded... But his favorite is helping Dad put it away because he almost always gets to ride in the basket!He is definitely a handful, he can mess up a room faster than I can clean up after him. But I wouldn't change anything. I love him and can't wait to add to the chaos by adding a little girl to the mix.