Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Last week Cass and I decided we were gunna hang out all day and decided to ask Lindsay if Brin could tag along. So after spending most of the morning shopping around for a "big boy" carseat for Trevin, we were ready to have some fun.

First we all got new socks and then, off to the bowling ally to brush up on our skills! Brinlee was so cute... she loved that she got special shoes to bowl. The lady at the counter got Brinlee her own ball (6 lbs). It looked pretty heavy but she managed to pick it up by herself and make it to the lane, where she would push the ball as hard as she could, and after about a minute and a half it would hit the pins! She would jump and cheer.
Brinlee made sure we all knew when it was our turn... "Brinlee two turns, then cass two turns, and kenna two turns" She made sure she got us up for our turns if we weren't paying attention.
Cassidy turned out to be a pro, a strike and a couple spares, she came out with a pretty good score.
I managed to walk away with out any gutter balls! ..... Thanks to Brinlee's bumpers!
So if any one needs a bowling lesson you can ask Brinlee to give you some pointers...

Friday, July 18, 2008


The family pictures are finally in the past. I must admit that the picture taking process wasn't as bad as I imagined it being, but it is still so nice to have it over with. :)

I made a promise to Gage the last time we went boating that I would learn to Wake Board this year at Bear Lake! He didn't forget... We got the boat out on the water and I was first up. After 5 minutes of trying to get my feet in the binding, I could only imagine what was gunna happen next. But surprisingly after a few attempts I got up and stayed up!
I had a lot of fun and paid for it for the next three days. My whole body hurt, every time I went to sit down i thought my legs would collapse and Trevin was at least twenty pounds heavier!

The whole Bear Lake trip was a lot of fun. You can't avoid that with all the Crabtree's together! We had Crabtree Idol, where everyone got a chance to show off their skills playing the rubber band or the comb, not to mention charades.

I almost beat the Crabtree's at Five Crowns (a card game), but lost my lead in the last hand. Trevin got to sleep in a tent for the first time and did really well. I thought that would be a long night but it went pretty smoothly. Trevin Loved the beach and playing in the water with dad.

Gage showed off his skill slalom skiingand wakeboarding .

Ryan decided to take it easy this time on the boat so he wouldn't break anything.
Erwin drove the boat and gave Gage and Ryan a wild tube ride.
Aanika Road the tube and didn't fall off. Gerin was creative in the sand.

Sierra and Savanna worked on their tans, while I tried hard to not let Trevin get a sunburn.

Papa treated everyone to a Giant bear Pizza...

...and Erwin dazzled us all by eating at least half of it!

I can't wait for next year!


Between our trips we really do just hang out around the house and work.
Painting still isn't complete, those finishing touches are endless. We finally finished painting doors and they are even hung. I never thought I would think it was wierd to have doors on all the bedrooms and bathrooms, but after living without them for over a month, it seems wierd. The privacy thing is definatley nice to have back. Each room is slowly getting decorated, even though there are still a couple of boxes through out the house. Gage has been working hard outside to get ready for sprinklers and grass!
Trevin and I love walking to the pond to watch the ducks and get some sun. Then Trevin likes to distract me while I attempt to clean, or cook, or try to organize the house. Just your average everyday stuff, but I couldn't ask for anything more.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Another summer adventure... I haven't been to Yellowstone National park since I was just a kid, and let me tell you I pry didn't appreciate it as much as I should have... We had a chance to spend the weekend in West Yellowstone with Miles, Sherry, Ryan and Gerin. It was a blast. Bison are always bigger than I remember and slower. The slow part I will definately remember after this trip. We waited for two hours for a herd of buffalo to cross the road, not as fun as it sounds. We only saw a few stragglers by the time we got to the front of the very long line of cars, but like I said very memorable! The geysers are always impressive, I loved Old Faithful! I took video so you could all see it too, but me being as computer illiterate as I am , I've tried to put it on here...TWICE... with no luck....maybe I can get Gage to help.

Earthquake lake was quite a sight to see, I never believed that an earthquake could form a lake but I was wrong. ( A little history, 1950's there was an earthquake that caused a huge landslide, that stopped the river that was flowing through the canyon. As a result the water built up creating a lake.) The Pine trees that used to line the banks of river are dead, but still standing, only now you can only see the tops sticking up in the middle of the Lake. Pretty impressive...Don't miss this if you ever make it to the Yellowstone area:)

I think Trevin's favorite stop was the grizzly bear museum, only because he wasn't stuck in the car. Bears are so lazy, but alot of fun to watch. The bears put on quite a show, finding food that had been hidden. Sam was our favorite, he was the biggest and the most aggresive to find the food.

We made it home, and now it is back to real life... for a while ;)