Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Cheyenne is 2 I can't believe it! Her birthday was so exciting, when she woke up Trevin and I went in to sing to her while she was still in bed. Her face was priceless, she kept saying "A birthday Cheyenne, yay!"After breakfast we made birthday cup cakes. The kids had a lot of fun helping pick out colors for the butterfly bodies, Cheyenne mostly had fun eating the m&ms. I think they turned out pretty cute, Chey loves butterflies. We spent most of the day spoiling Cheyenne and playing outside, even though it was a little cold. When dad got home it was time for presents. Cheyenne was so animated. She would scream and jump every time she finished opening a present and hold it up to show us. She was still a little slow at ripping open the presents but Trevin was always there to help. She got a baby with a backpack. Mickey Mouse underwear. Aladdin the movie. A butterfly necklace/ring/bracelet set from dad. Chey has been wanting "pretties" or "eyeballs" for her ears. (aka. earrings) this was his way of helping her forget.
She also got... a pillow pet. Trevin helped me pick this out for her and he was way excited to bring it home. He has loved helping Chey learn how to change it from a pet to a pillow and back. Cheyenne was beyond excited. She named it Joey, fitting since that is the name she uses when she pretends to be a dog.
We had Cheyenne's favorite meal for dinner... Crabtree Soup. Cheyenne had 2 bowls before she spied her presents on the couch and yelled "I see my birthday, I see my birthday, I'n done!" Next up was blowing out candles. It was pretty entertaining to watch. She was blowing so hard, but was aiming all the air straight down with her upper lip, so Trevin was kind enough to help out. She was so excited to look down and have the candles out. The cup cakes were super yummy!
Happy birthday Cheyenne! We love you lots.
Cheyenne talks really well for a 2 years old and loves to talk all of the time to just about anyone. She loves nursery, in fact we threaten to not take her when she is bad in sacrament meeting and it usually stops all bad behavior. Chey is amazing when it comes to memorizing songs. She sings all the time, especially primary songs. She loves the Little Mermaid and has the "wish I could be part of your world" song completely memorized, THE WHOLE THING! (once I record it I'll post it). She loves playing on the "slippery slides" at the park. She loves book and letters.
She still completely ignores you if you are telling her to stop and she thinks whatever she is doing is fun. After being completely potty trained for 3 weeks she decided it was too much work and started pottying her pants on purpose, now we are back in diapers.
She is becoming more and more girly, she loves her babies and bears and blankets. On the other hand she still loves to play sword fighting with Trevin and with cars and trains.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


We love St. Patrick's Day. We usually pass out leprechaun surprises, this year the kids helped make finger print rainbows the we put in our flowers that were planted in leprechaun hats. We also made little bags of lucky charms that had a note that said, "I'm so lucky to have you." Making treats is one of the ways we make sure to check in on everyone to make sure they are wearing thier GREEN! Trevin caught on really quick this year. He even got to pinch dad. We came down to the kitchen and Trevin noticed green foot prints on our walls. We told him that it must have been a leprechaun! We helped him follow the footprints from the back door, onto the wall, over the stairs and out the front door. He was very interested and then he asked "but how'd they get them footprints on stickers?" We should have known that that was coming! Don't worry he was quickly distracted by green pancakes. During breakfast he informed us the foot prints were from a Leprechaun cat and he was convinced he had heard it meow that morning. What an imagination that kids has.
We even got to have a St. Patrick's Day party! The Canova's all came over to celebrate Cheyenne's birthday. She was very excited to have 2 parties.

Monday, March 14, 2011

4 years and loving every minute

It's official we have been married for 4 years. That really doesn't sound like that long, but it has been great! We got to get out of the house and enjoy a weekend together to celebrate. We decided to have a car less weekend. We rode front runner down to SLC and walked everywhere or used trax. It was so much fun and so nice not to have to find parking spots or pay for parking. We ate a Biaggi's an Italian restaurant near the Gateway. We loved it, Gage especially loved his appetizers, focaccia bread and Tomato Mozzarella Caprese, think tomatoes and buffalo cheese, soaked in oil and vinegar. They were really yummy. We spent the night at the Hilton in Down town.
When we checked in we headed up to our room to find someone working on the plumbing. We wandered around the hotel for a while and checked out the pool and fitness center. Then tried to go back to our room, still being worked on. So we headed back down to the lobby and checked in again, they upgraded our room and we ended up on the 16th floor. We had a great view of the city! Saturday morning we went out to breakfast and then walked to a trax station. We missed our train by about 1 minute and had to wait for a while, and knew we would be cutting it close to the start of our play. We ended up running/speed walking from the trax station to the Desert Star playhouse. We made it there about 1/2 way through the first act. We have heard great things about this play house from a couple in our neighborhood. We trust their opinion, so we bought tickets for Gage's parents for Christmas, they went and loved it too, so we figured we'd give it a try! We saw Beverly Hillbillies it was really funny and they have some great actors. I have to admit the 2nd intermission was my favorite part. There was even a couple that got engaged.
After the play it was back to down town for a little bit of shopping at the Gateway.
We had so much fun hanging out together and getting to spend all of the time on trains enjoying each other's company and not worrying about traffic. Every year married to Gage is better than the last, I can't wait to see what this year brings!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fun hair do's

We finally bought a curling iron to use in Chey's hair. I was so excited the first time we used it and her hair curled so cute and easy too, it even stayed in most of the day. For Valentines day we did a heart pony tail in the center. I wanted to the connecting ponytails to look like a heart too, but that didn't work out. But we like the hear in the middle so we kept it. Cheyenne is so patient lately, so we decided to braid all of her hair. 2 mickey mouse club houses and 20 braids later this is what she looked like. I love doing this, once it is all braided we spray it to get it all wet, then once it dries....
... we take out all of the braids and have this fun fluffy hair!