Saturday, November 5, 2011

A preschool field trip

During "F" week ate preschool we went on a field trip to the Fire station.  
When we got there the firemen had just been called out. But they were back pretty quick and the kids thought it was fun to watch them park the fire engine. The firemen were so great with the kids and made sure that everyone had fun. First we toured the fire truck and even got to play with the hose. 
Next was the ambulance. The kids thought it was lots of fun to walk through all the vehicles. Next up a tour of the kitchen and bedrooms. WOW. This was probably the favorite part, especially when they saw the 3 refrigerators! 
 Last but not least, one of the fire men dressed up for the kids. They wanted to show them that even though they sound funny through their mask and look scary with all their big clothes on they are nice guys. So the kids wouldn't be scared of them. It worked. The kids all gave him a hug or high fives. Then they taught the kids how to stop drop and roll. and gave them all helmets!
 If you haven't toured the fire station with your kids, you should!

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