Thursday, November 10, 2011

2011's First SNOW DAY

We love snow days! Especially when they land on a Saturday! The kids were so excited to look out into the back yard and see snow when they woke up. It wasn't long before they were bundled up and playing in it. The best part about this year. They both wanted to stay outside for longer the 5 minutes. In fact the problem was convincing them after a couple of hours that they needed to come in and eat lunch!
After having fun at home all morning, keeping themselves entertained while mom and dad did chores. We decided to break out the sled at a local park. What a great idea. The hill was small enough for both of them to walk up by themselves and big enough that they had fun sledding!
 Trevin liked the small disc sled. Hmm, I wonder if it that had anything to do with the color? ;)
 Cheyenne loved the tube! 
The only down side was having to leave. Although we did give in to the pleadings of "please just one more time" quite a few times!

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