Sunday, October 30, 2011


It's official we have been hit with our first winter sick days. Chey got a cough on Saturday, which meant no sleep at our house. Even pulling out her humidifier didn't seem to make breathing any easier for her. She threw up a couple of times because of how hard she was coughing. Which meant lots of laundry for mom, since it always happens in the middle of the night. Sunday Trevin really wanted to go to primary. This is the first time I've had a sick child since Gage was put in the high council. So we all got ready, I took Trevin to church and Cheyenne and I sat outside in the grass while he enjoyed primary. I'm not sure that arrangement will work out when the weather gets cold. 
I caught Cheyenne's cough/cold/body aches on Monday. Tuesday I declared a "SICK DAY." Trevin asked me "What's a sick day?" I told him it was when we stay in our pajamas and watch movies on mom's bed all day long. The kids thought it was pretty cool. 
It's been two weeks since Chey got sick and we all still have coughs. Hopefully they don't last all winter, we are just happy to all be feeling good enough to go trick or treating.

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