Thursday, October 20, 2011


This year for Labor Day I had to work which meant our regular Bear lake trip wasn't going to happen. So we decided to take the kids fishing... at the fish farm and then they could help dad eat whatever they caught. 
 We helped them pick out some fishing poles and dad taught them how to carry them so they didn't hook anybody. Trevin and Gage picked out a good fishing spot and we got to work.
 They kids waited patiently with their lines in the water for a few minutes, then we took the cheater method and threw in some food.
 Trevin fished while Chey threw in food. Trevin was so excited when the fish bit and he pulled up his pole and there was actually a fish on it! You can see it in his face.
 He caugth a nice rainbow trout and was very interested in how dad took out the hook and then smacked this fish's head on a rock.
 Showing off his catch! I can't wait to send these two out fishing for real.

 By this time Cheyenne knew how this worked and told Trevin to throw food so she could catch a fish too. She was just as excited when she pulled her fish out of the water.
 The difference... she kept her distance while dad unhooked the fish  (she let Trevin help).
 Then it was time to take a picture with her tiger trout. I told her to help dad hold it and she immediately said no. Then she came up with a great alternative. I had said to help dad... which in her mind didn't have to include touching the fish. Why is Gage smiling so big??
 This is how Chey helped dad hold the fish. She is just like her mom... so she can stay home with me when the boys go out fishing!

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Kenzie said...

How fun! I love the pictures!