Friday, May 13, 2011


This is my cousin. Her dad put her in this class when she was in 1st grade (she is now in 5th grade) to help her improve her balance on a horse. Well I think she's gotten pretty good at it. She now performs with her horse vaulting team. Check out this pose. I had her do it while the horse wasn't moving so I could get a good picture, but she did this while the horse was trotting/cantering. She was even at the top of a 3 person tower at one point. Pretty amazing.
After the show was over she let my kids come and sit on the horse. Trevin was first... he cried and wanted down immediately. Cheyenne was next and despite seeing Trevin's reaction she was more than thrilled. She sat for a while the and smiled for the pictures.
Then my cousin helped her do some tricks, mostly just standing. Chey thought it was awesome and was more than willing to do some posing for the camera.

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