Monday, December 8, 2008

'tis the season

We have been looking for white lights to put on our house and finally found them... Gage spent Saturday morning putting them up. Apparently the pitch to our roof is pretty steep and made for an interesting experience. But he is alive and the house looks GREAT. It is nice to finally look festive. Thanks Gage. I'll have to take more pics with it all lite up.
After lights it was off to family pictures, everyone looked great and all the kids were cooperative... for the most part! I don't have them yet but I'll be sure to post them when I can.
Next, it was a drive to Spanish Fork for the first Christmas party of the Year. We had a ton of good soups and desserts. The boys played some football and Trevin even got to join in, which he loved!
Then Santa Claus came...
Trevin wasn't sure if this was ok or not, he hung to Gage for a while, then worked up the courage to get a little closer...
Then up on to his lap he went, which wasn't so bad. Trevin has a thing against facial hair so I thought Santa would cause instant screaming and tears but he did pretty well. He did end up crying but not as much as I thought he would. We had a great time and enjoyed the family slide show... Thanks to the Davis's for all the work they put into it!

Merry Christmas, I hope that everyone enjoys all the family together time you get during the Holidays!

Oh yeah, more BIG NEWS-There is a New addition to the family... MIKE! Sierra got engaged on Saturday Night! CONGRATS!

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Jenny said...

that santa is awesome! Real beard?