Sunday, June 1, 2008

Getting Closer

We finally finished painting and now we can check off another box on our " to do" list. :) Painting the whole house was a big project but well worth it. I finally feel like it is our house... even if I do still call it the "stinky house."
I love the color we picked for Trevin's room. It's fun to have one room different than all the rest and it was fun to see the change when we painted!

We should have gotten carpet this past Wednesday, but long story short, the carpet wasn't in yet. I was ticked, but it all turned out okay. We found out that it is in now and it can be laid next Wednesday. Whoohoo! Another week to get ready. I drew this family portrait on our living room floor. I thought it would be a good way to leave our mark... and it will be a fun surprise for whoever rips out the carpet next :)
Our projects in the house are finally winding down, at least the ones that have to get done before we move in... cleaning the bathrooms and the floors one more time and wiping out all the cupboards and then of coarse PACKING. I don't think the 5 boxes I've packed are considered a good start but hey, I still have 4 days! In Gage's opinion we shouldn't pack for our 1 1/2 mile move anyway, it should all get thrown into cars. If only I had that same philosophy.

Trevin is getting so big, I'm not sure when it happened, I looked at him yesterday and saw a toddler instead of a baby! Wow, don't I sound like a mom... So while I'm in the "mom mode" let me just brag a little... he finally decided to prove he could roll over. Even dad got to see! Then just 5 days later he decided he could sit on his own, and loves it! He has toppled over quite a few times and shed a couple tears but it is still his favorite thing to do, along with reading books with Dad and of coarse eating!


nate.joni.kens said...

I didn't know you were painting his room blue, I like it! From what I can see it looks like a nice shade. And cute drawing :)

Love Bug said...

Trevin is so handsome!!
Nice Family Portrait...I love it!
I should have expected that from McKenna Crabtree...
Love you guys!

goose555 said...

So is the rest of the house white?? I sent you a postcard again, and again got it back--I'll be home for a week in two weeks so I figure I'll just drop it by instead

Juanita said...

What a cute baby boy Trevin is! I got on to your blog and love to check up on whats going on in your lives! I added you as a friend on mine 'cause its the easiest way to keep track! Its work to fix up your home but nice because it feels like you made it yours. :P