Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dust, Crayon, and Dirt

What a mess! Although I never cared to know, I have experienced first hand what it is like to clean four years worth of dust build up. Not to mention the crayon and grim on all the walls. I spent a few hours this morning just on the hall way and stair case, I feel like it is the never ending job. I get done with a wall just to look back and think "It looks like it still needs to be washed!" I must admit we are making progress on the smell. In an attempt to start destinking we tore out all the carpet and padding, it has definitely helped but the scent/odor still lingers. The outside of the house is looking much better, thanks to Gage. He has done a lot of weeding and turning over dirt. Anyway, to sum it up... A week of cleaning up the house and we made it out alive, with the exception of the many "Mr. Clean Magic erasers".
On a totally different note, I got to pamper myself yesterday, I got my nails done. Charlee is in cosmetology school and needed a to practice, I was a willing volunteer. She said this was her first set... I think she did way good, Thanks Charlee.

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