Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dust, Crayon, and Dirt

What a mess! Although I never cared to know, I have experienced first hand what it is like to clean four years worth of dust build up. Not to mention the crayon and grim on all the walls. I spent a few hours this morning just on the hall way and stair case, I feel like it is the never ending job. I get done with a wall just to look back and think "It looks like it still needs to be washed!" I must admit we are making progress on the smell. In an attempt to start destinking we tore out all the carpet and padding, it has definitely helped but the scent/odor still lingers. The outside of the house is looking much better, thanks to Gage. He has done a lot of weeding and turning over dirt. Anyway, to sum it up... A week of cleaning up the house and we made it out alive, with the exception of the many "Mr. Clean Magic erasers".
On a totally different note, I got to pamper myself yesterday, I got my nails done. Charlee is in cosmetology school and needed a to practice, I was a willing volunteer. She said this was her first set... I think she did way good, Thanks Charlee.

Monday, May 12, 2008

MOAB 2008

After getting left out of the Moab tradition last year, I jumped on the chance to go this year. I'm not sure when the tradition started but, for as long as I've been around, James and Ryan (my brother in laws), Justin (friend), and Gage have gone to Moab to prove their manlihood and test the limits of their jeeps. Let me tell you, it wasn't anything like I expected. We spent three days on Moab Rim and Pritchett Canyon, two of the more challenging trails. I had a lot of fun being the passenger, as well as the photographer. I learned that Jeeps don't really need most of their parts because it seemed like any time something got broken or bent someone would say "You really don't need that anyway." The other phrase I got used to was "You're already scratching it, you might as well keep going." Anyway, we met a lot of interesting people, made a few creative repairs, the Jeep got a few dents and scratches, and it felt really weird not having to carry a diaper bag everywhere we went (Trevin stayed with Sugar). It's hard to describe all the fun and excitement in words and the pictures don't really do it justice, but we had fun and I can't wait to go again.