Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Sorry NO pics. I had them all ready to go and when I uploaded them I got a warning that I was out of storage space in my picasa web album. I don't dare go and delete pics from previous posts yet, so for now this is just a regular journal.
We signed Trevin up for soccer with the city league  this fall. He has loved it and it's done wonders for my boy that would cry just a little too easily. Well... that all changed because "Soccer players are tough."
In fact Trevin can do anything because "He's a soccer player!" ....Can you eat all of your dinner?  "Yes, because I'm a soccer player." ....Wow you're smart. How did you know that?  "Just because I'm a soccer player!"
It has been so much fun to watch him and the rest of the silver wolves. He had great coaches, Coach Phillips and Travis. Trevin really looked up to these two and they taught him so much about soccer. Trevin played on Tuesdays and Thursdays officially and every day in between in the back yard. "Big 5" became his favorite store ever! And dad couldn't have been prouder.
It is always fun to watch little kids play soccer... "Herd ball" is what I heard it called and it totally fits. We loved watching all the games and appreciate everyone that came to support Trevin. He was always so excited to see family come.
They rotated the players every quarter into different positions. And even if they didn't stay in the right places I think they were learning. Trevin loved playing defender and goalie. And he did great at both.  I was amazed by the end of the season that Trevin wasn't afraid to dive on the ball when he was goalie even if there were still little feet around trying to kick it. On his second to last game T even scored his first GOAL! He was so excited and we were too! Go #8! (That's what Trevin told me I could yell.)
We can't wait til spring ball starts...