Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I wish I had been better about blogging all summer. It just isn't the same when I put together a massive caught up post, but here it is any way... OUR SUMMER ADVENTURES. ( to be honest we had a very laid back summer. Nothing too adventurous and I didn't have my camera the majority of the time anyway.

First up... GIRLS NIGHT OUT/IN. This year we decided to make 72 hr kits. None of us really had one and with Sierra moving out of state (and adding a little girl to her family), plus Lindsay might be moving too, we decided to get prepared together. We did the traditional Homemade mac and cheese for dinner. Then put our kits together and did some toe and fingernail painting for all the little girls. The best part... "Hot Wheaties" for breakfast. A Canova family odd food that I think needs to be a tradition at Girl's night out.
A couple of this summers birthday cakes. Cassidy made Taylor a caterpillar cake, while I made Cassidy a Zebra cake. We love birthday's at our house and don't get very many during the summer months. 
This year we signed up for the kids bowl free program. I was a little worried that T and Chey would be too small, but I figured if we don't use it then we really aren't out anything. They did love it and we have a blast!!! We started out using the ramp, but it didn't take Trevin very long to look around and see that most people just threw the ball, so we advanced our skills to bowling like the adults. This did result in the ball stopping before it reached the pins a couple of times, but it was a lot of fun to watch! Trevin got a special pass for his bowling shoes and loved them. Plus it worked out great that the child's size ball was green (T's favorite color). Going to the bowling ally was a favorite activity.

By the end of the summer never even had to get up, because Trevin wanted to be the one to help Cheyenne. Chey would line up the ramp (she didn't mind the extra help getting the ball to the pins) then Trevin would bring her the ball and help her push it down the ramp. Chey was always excited to watch and then she would jump up and down when it hit the pins. 

 My little bowler.

BEAR LAKE... Always a highlight of the summer, unfortunately with all of the new high tech cameras in the family I didn't pull my camera out very often. Our day on the boat was very memorable though. T and C both got new goggles and loved them. Trevin wouldn't go out on the tube until Chey proved to him that it was fun first. Then, after they both had a ride, they did what the usually do on the boat.  
Took a NAP! Trevin was out first and Chey decided to join him, but first she found the only shade available... right under our chairs. There are some great pictures that I will eventually make a whole post out of, but until then. This is it. We went and LOVED IT!

My aunt and uncle and kids came to UTAH!!! They live in Arkansas and we don't get to see them very often. We had lots of fun hanging out in SLC with them. 
 THE TREK. Gage was recently called to serve as the 2nd counselor in the stake young men's presidency. I was excited for him because he loves working with the youth and a little jealous because it meant that he would be going on fun outings all summer! After lots of asking (and luckily the medical team ended up short handed) I got to go on the trek with him. Yay! He was a company captain and I worked with the Medical team. We weren't together all the time, but I did get to see him more than I expected since I was assigned to his company. We had a great time and yes our feet survived the 33 miles of walking in 3 days. 

The school year started... Trevin has been so excited about school. I think it was because his older cousins were talking about school starting. So he started asking and I decided that we would have our own preschool at home. We invited his cousin and one of the girls from our neighborhood. We have a blast twice a week playing preschool and even if they don't learn a lot they are learning social skills and having fun. I'll add a new picture and do a whole post on this one because, another cousin joined in the fun bringing our number of participants to 5!!!