Monday, April 25, 2011

Mermaid song.

I have tried for months to get this recorded and these really are the best one I got. Cheyenne is so easily distracted but she sings the whole song, out of order, on the first one and only parts on the second. Enjoy. I hope you all got to see this in person...

or CLICK HERE to go straight to you tube.

Monday, April 18, 2011


When I noticed Trevin's black eye I said, "Wow Trevin you've got a black eye!" He told me "No. My eyes are BLUE."

I guess Trevin was playing on Lindsay's ottoman and managed to jump/fall onto her TV stand. the scratch was there when I picked him up later that day but the bruising didn't show up until the next day.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Castle... complete with mote!

We were so excited to get our fence started and it looked like we were going to beat the secondary water. Gage and his dad got all the corner posts set on Wednesday night while I was at work. Thursday it snowed. This is what the yard looked like on Friday morning.
We got lots of ran and lots of very wet snow. It continued to rain/snow all weekend a true Utah swinter. We got a little more snow on Sunday morning then the rest of the day was beautiful. Monday was a perfect day and we enjoyed playing outside, protected on all side by our mote.
These were taken on Monday and they had already drained a lot from the day before. Remember I was worried about our little neighbor kids falling in one of our holes... now I get to worry about them falling in one and drowning.
Hopefully the clay that we dug through will hold up and we won't have to re-dig all the holes. If we do I guess it will be ok, because that tractor isn't going anywhere for a while. There is no way I'm letting it drive through my yard and make trenches in the soggy soil.
Today it is raining again so it looks like we will be enjoying our mote for a while longer. On the bright side I don't think anyone will feel like watering when the secondary water turns on, on the 15th.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's a start

For the past 3 yrs (since we moved into our house) we've said we would put up a fence in the summer. Well summers have come and gone and at the end of each summer, we say "at the start of next year." This is finally the year. We knew we had to get it in before the secondary water turns on in the middle of this month, because the west side of our house is basically a swamp once the sprinklers come on. In addition to the water issue we committed ourselves to watching a dog for a few weeks at the start of this summer and a fence is a must!
This past weekend we did a lot of prep work, by "we" I mean Gage and his brothers. They worked with general conference turned up so that all in the neighborhood could listen along. We only pulled broke off two sprinkler heads and drilled through one main line... The sad part... Gage planned for a fence when he put in our sprinkling system, but our neighbor didn't. Both sprinklers and the main line were our neighbor's! Gage is really looking forward to fixing it!
Trevin was a good supervisor and had fun checking the holes and counting them.

We were so thankful to have the tractor, it was so much faster than hand digging holes.

And when the tractor was too slow, we found that adding a little weight made it go even faster! Like I said it's a start and I can't wait to get the posts in so I don't have to worry about one of the neighbor kids falling in one of the holes! Thanks for all the help guys!