Sunday, June 13, 2010


This ended up being really easy to make and not your typical wreath. Here is what you'll need.A: an old hose (or a new one). I used about 25 ft. Cut off any extra but keep one of the metal ends. I think it gives it more character.
B:Garden tools, really you can use whatever you want, but I thought the rake and shovel looked good together.
C: a watering pale, make sure the size will work with the size of wreath you decided to make.
D: Anything to give it more character.... I used burlap (to cover up the wire that holds it all together), but any type of ribbon/rope/material would work. I also added sticks behind my gardening utensils.
E: a pair of gardening gloves, I chose pink so they would stand out from the hose.
F: WIRE (sorry no picture) This is what you'll use to put it all together.

Now the fun part, putting it together. I didn't take any picture because depending on your style and what you decided to use they will all look different.
First I wrapped my hose into a circle and looped it around about 5 times, whatever size you want your wreath. I then tied it with wire in three different spots, making sure to hide the cut end of my hose somewhere in the back. I also decided to let the end of the hose hang down, but it was cute tied up too.
Next I added my watering pale and secured it with wire. Then the sticks, then the shovel, then the gloves, then the rake. I found it was a lot easier to add each piece individually and secure it, before adding the next piece.
Next it was time to cover up all that wire. I just cut strips of burlap and knotted them on.
Last, give it something to hang on. I made a wire hanger attached to the the wires that were holding the hose in loops. I guess you could also go by a wreath frame from the craft store and build your wreath on it.
THAT'S IT! Now you have a fun wreath, great for the garden or your front door!

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Jami said...

That is such a cute idea! Love how it all came together!