Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The ducks

For Easter at my mom's the Easter Bunny brought ducks. Yes live ducks. Luckily these ducks would live at Sugar and chief's house so all the grandkids could watch them grow. Look how cute they are... 
Meet omelet and Twinkie. 
 After a few weeks of having the ducks. My mom got her grass sprayed for weeds. She diligently kept the dogs and ducks off the lawn for the allotted 24hrs, per instruction. Unfortunately once back on the lawn the ducks decided to eat the grass and their prognosis was poor.
So meet their replacements... 
Channing and Tatum. 
The kids love to watch the ducks swim in the pool and love to try to catch Channing and Tatum.  Twinkie and Omelet both survived. Both are bow legged and pigeon toed. Which results in a hard time walking. (And means they are really easy to catch!) They both tend to walk in circles to the left. 
Omelet Recovered (mostly) from the grass incident. Twinkie wasn't so lucky. She mostly liked to lay in the grass. It was pretty cute to watch the two little ducks follow omelet around the yard. 
 Full grown duck now. Omelet is getting pretty fast again and it takes the kids a while to chase her down. Twinkie died a couple of days after this picture. We're sure she is super fast again in heaven.  
 The ducks are all grown now and have taken up a new residence at the local pond. Where we see them often...but don't try to catch them anymore. :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

another month

 Levi is 5 months old. This month he learned to ...
-Spit. He loves it!
-Roll from back to belly. He is so good that it is getting hard to change his diaper, if he's feeling active.
-"Eat real food!" (Trevin was the first to feed him.) Rice cereal he didn't really like... but he loves the oatmeal one.
Levi loves to...
-Have his feet in the grass. If you lay him on a blanket he will kick his legs and wiggle til his feet are in the grass.
-Pull Cheyenne's hair. He is getting so good with holding things in his hands. He grabs at everything.
-Laugh at Trevin and Cheyenne (especially in the car). They can get him giggling really hard. 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Life is not good... IT'S GREAT!

The past week I have been busy with projects. Not all were necessary, like the 2000 piece puzzle that I completed, but once it was started. I had to get it done. 
 Others were, like washing bed sheets after Levi soaked through his diaper while laying on my bed.  Here is a quick list... made the Canova family June birthday cake (Tay Tay and Cass). 
Laundry (this is the never ending project at everyone's house) but after ending up washing my sheets unexpectedly I decided that I might as well do Trevin's and Levi's too. Add in a couple of accidents from Chey, one from Trevin and multiple from Levi... lots of laundry. We had a pool party on Monday at Grandma Goo's... we walked there and back. I also learned how to do vinyl heat transfers! (Thanks to a great friend.) I helped Cassidy make two hoodies for girls camp. We also made a "bride" and "groom" apron for Janae and James wedding luncheon. 
Next up cookies with avocado instead of butter. (Which tasted great... looked a little green.) Administering allergy shots to my uncle. Next, I sewed an apron for Janae's Bridal Shower that was held this weekend. I cut out all of the squares for the quilt that I committed to make (just to myself). Cleaned carpets, (moving all the furniture type of cleaning). 
(Gage love's this couch and yes he slept there all night.)
Two bridal showers on Saturday. Addressed and mailed all Janae's shower invites. (I forgot to add invites into a few of those envelopes, but don't worry I realized the next day & mailed new ones.)   And last but not least I finally found a piano on KSL! That was close by, in good condition, and in our price range. We got it all moved in and love it.
 Throughout this crazy week I just couldn't help but think about how great life is and how blessed I am! My mom was awesome and let Trevin and Chey come play at her house while I was sewing. What a blessing, it would have been a very long day without her. I made it to the end of Janae's apron with about 10 extra inches of black thread. YAY for little miracles. I have an amazing husband that is such a great dad. I love my 3 kids that suprise ma and entertain me everyday! I don't know how life could get any better. 

Friday, June 1, 2012


Learning to ride a two wheeler was high on the list of things to do with Trevin this summer. The day came and Trevin and Gage headed to the church parking lot. I figured that I give them an hour then head over to see the progress. Well 15 minutes later Gage calls and says if you want to see him wobbling you better come now. Chey and Levi and I hurried over.  Trevin had the basics down. we of coarse 
headed straight to both grandparents house to show off.  

Over the next few weeks he became a pro (almost).  Once he figured out how to start on his own I decided that he could ride his bike the next time we went on a walk. Today we went to walmart and even invited a neighbor to join us. He did awesome going there. On the way back we were headed across the parking lot. I said, "Ok you guys hurry across the parking lot and onto the sidewalk." And pointed to the side walk. Well apparently my pointing wasn't clear enough. Trevin took off and I could see that it wasn't going to end how I planned. I was pointing to the sidewalk on the far side of the cross walk (The solid white arrow.) The red highlighted arrow is the path that Trevin took.  He booked it across the street then tried to make the sharp  (175 degree) turn on  his two wheeler. Well he made about a 90 degree turn which landed his head straight into a stop sign. Then he finally came to a stop in the back fender of the white car!
I hurried over and asked if he was ok.  He was. There was no damage to the car and only a little bit of blood coming from Trevin. He just said... "I thought I could do it."
I guess next time I'll have to be a little more clear with my directions and maybe we'll wait a few more weeks until Trevin is a little better at breaking before we go for another long ride.
Gage couldn't believe I made Trevin pose for this picture. But it makes telling the story so much better!

My little bruiser!
 Gage couldn't believe I made Trevin pose for this picture. But it makes telling the story so much better!