Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A little privacy...

Trevin is so much fun, he has done great with the potty. He has only had a couple of accidents and they are always in the bathroom when he can't get his pants off fast enough. He is so upset when this happens. Anyway the point is he has become so independent in taking himself to the bathroom, if he goes in and forgets to close the door and you walk in to check on him he says "Can you give me some privacy?" or "I meed some privacy." Leaving isn't enough you have to close the door. Can't blame the kid, who doesn't like some privacy!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Tuesday Utah had it's first official "Blizzard Warning" since 2001. Stores closed early, College campuses cancelled classes. Warnings all over the radio and tv. Gage said I could go out that morning as long as I was home by 4pm. I was super excited, I had no where I had to be and made plans to stay home and make cinnamon rolls. I got this great idea to take a couple of pictures to document the occasion.
5:07PM Bright and Sunny still...
5:30... It started, I was planning on taking all of these from the front porch but since I was in the kitchen you get to see out the back window.
5:49... Starting to stick.
6:25 ...It was pretty windy.
7:21... This might get exciting.
8:01 Gage got home and decided to shovel the drive way so it wouldn't take so long in the morning.
Trevin got in his snow clothes and went out to help.
By 8:30 the snow stopped and we didn't get any more, so our blizzard produced about 1.5 -2 inches of snow! Either way it was fun and the cinnamon rolls were yummy! I put my recipe on the side of my blog if your interested.

Friday, November 19, 2010

She was tired.

Monday I spent the morning cleaning for a class I was having at my house that evening. The kids had been playing hard in the basement, when I finally got everything clean it was time for lunch. I don't know how everyone else's kids are but when mine eat they make a huge mess. So I opted to buy lunchables at the store and let them eat in the car (Does that make me an awful parent?) We made it to the store, bought everything we needed and got back in the car. I opened their lunchables and let them eat while I made a couple of stops on the way home. This is what I found when I opened the truck door to get Cheyenne out.She must have been too tired to finish eating!

Monday, November 1, 2010


About 1 month before Halloween we started thinking about costumes, I thought it would be a lot of fun for Trevin to be Frankenstein, so I found a picture of a costume and showed him. He told me no. So, I asked him what he wanted to be. He told me a minja Tuwtle, a blue one. So that's what he was Leonardo the blue ninja turtle, with swords!Next up Cheyenne's costume I found a super cute little pirate or I thought about a fairy, but Trevin had other plans he was looking at the costumes with me and said "No... Cheyenne be's a purple one!" I immediately thought it would be fun and I knew Cheyenne wouldn't care either way. She was Donatello, the purple turtle with a stick.
I think that Cheyenne was more into the role than Trevin, he wasn't too crazy about the mask, but Cheyenne loved hers! She loved to be serious and Swing her stick and crouch down and pretend to fight. Trevin loved his sword and shell and always made sure we didn't forget his belt and letter.
To make the set complete I decided that Gage and I would join in the fun and dress up as turtles too. Gage requested to be Raphael, the red turtle with Sai (little hand swords). That left Michelangelo, the orange turtle with nunchux, for me.
Once Dad dressed up Trevin liked his costume a lot more and even wanted to wear the mask. The three of my turtle buddies loved to wrestle and fight with their weapons.
Trick or treating was a blast. Trevin figured out that you can only go to the houses with lights on and was hard to keep from running to house to house! Cheyenne figured out that if you say trick or treat when they open the door, you'll get candy. She was very possessive of her bucket, once it had candy in it, she wouldn't even let us hang it on the stroller... it HAD to be in her hands. They had so much fun and once again I think passing out candy at house was almost as fun as trick or treating... It's just to bad that we don't get very many trick or treater's on our street.
This year we didn't have any inside Halloween parties to go to, we had fun showing off our costumes and grandparent's houses, but I missed the carnival type party. Maybe next year we'll throw one ourselves! Stay posted if we do you're all invited!

Hero's in a half shell...TURTLE POWER!!!


With Ryan and Alex, the COWBOY and INDIAN. I wish I had gotten a better picture of just these two. I loved their costumes. I don't think this picture shows of Alex's mohawk enough. I missed getting picture with my side of the family in their costume's. We usually stop by my aunt and uncle's for a movie after trick or treating but this year I had to work at 9pm, so no party, but Sierra and her husband had some fun costumes, I'll be adding pictures to this post, when I get them.
Pumpkin Carving...
Everyone working hard cleaning out their pumpkins.
At first Cheyenne wasn't too sure about this. She like that she got to stand up at the table.
Then after watching every one start digging in she got a little braver and stuck her hands in...
Then she decided it was more fun to just play in the pumpkin guts and skip pulling it out of the pumpkin!
Trevin loved carving pumpkins this year. He was a little hesitant to reach in the first time, but then did a pretty good job of cleaning out his pumpkin, with only a little help from mom.
"Look at dat huge pile of pumpkin guts, I like pumpkin guts."
That actual carving was the best part! Trevin picked circle eyes, a square nose and a scary mouth. Perfecting the carving.
He was so proud of his pumpkin!
Gage was the master carver this year. He carved both of our huge pumpkins that Trevin picked out with a little bit of help from Chey.
His pumpkins, I like that the candle in the evil one ended up being so bright!
I did a "goofy" pumpkin. It was broken before I finished, but I still took a picture.
Trevin loved lighting the candles inside the pumpkin each night, but not for the reason you might think... he loved that is meant that before he went to bed he got to "blow out a wishing candles!" What can I say, we have a lot of October birthdays in the family!